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If you find yourself in the market for an electric bike ask yourself if you want it for fun, transportation or exercise. Some want to pedal less and enjoy riding more. Others have injuries restricting their biking capacity. E-Bikes can promote longer rides, give you a much needed break or get you home quicker when you underestimate the ride back. Whatever the reason may be, electric bikes give people the freedom to get outside and make your ride longer and easier. 

You can choose between a thumb throttle or pedaling for power. Pedal assist is a great feature that allows you simply pedal the bike to engage the motor. This feature encourages exercise and gives you more distance as you help create thrust for the electric motor. We carry E-bikes from Electra, E-Lux, Emojo, and HBBC. All of them come with both throttle and pedal assist except Electra. Electra E-bikes come with Bosch system which is pedal assist only and accelerates smooth like an actual bike. All of them come with several modes of pedal assist ranging from slow to fast and are controlled on the easy to read LCD display which also shows your mph, battery range, & odometer.

Using the throttle only, most standard E-bikes can go a distance of 30 miles on one charge and you can get upwards of 40 miles if you incorporate the pedal assist. For best charging results it’s recommended that you charge it on average 4-6 hours. They generally come with the option of two batteries, 36 volt and 48 volt. What is the difference? Simply put…More Tourque with a top speed of 20-25mph. Some brands like Elux offer battery upgrades that will help maximize your biking distance, increasing it to about 55 miles per charge. 

There are many customizing options when it comes to E-bikes. They come in different frames, colors and styles. There are smaller folding bikes that offer easier transportation and storage to bigger bikes with fat tires for different terrains. The best way to find the E-bike for you is to come in for a test ride. We encourage all our customers to ask questions and see the variety we have to offer. At Newport Cruisers all E-bikes come with a Full One Year Warranty and are sourced from local distributors, making ordering parts and service a breeze.

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