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    Lunch in Newport Beach

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    There is nothing more satisfying than a good meal after a workout under the bright California sun.  That is why pairing a bike ride with a fabulous local lunch is a great way to enjoy a day at Newport Beach.  

    Where is the best place to bike to for lunch you ask?  Keep reading to learn tips about hot and tasty local places to eat that are within biking distance of the best bike rental place in town, Newport Beach Cruisers. 

    Restaurant lunches you can bike to:



    Bear Flash Fish Company.  407 31st St, Newport Beach, CA 92663

    If you are in the mood for fresh fish, Bear Flash Fish Company is the place to be.  The highest rated meals at Bear Flag are the Salmon Poke (or Salmon Poke Salad), the Ahi Poke, and the Fish Tacos.  Each of these dishes are fresh, delicious, and always served with a smile.

    Warning: This place is so good that it is constantly filled with locals, so if you can’t handle crowds or eating while you stand next to your bike, pick another restaurant. 


    Akropolis.  22201 W Balboa Blvd, Newport Beach, CA 92663

    Filling meaty Gyros, freshly fried Falafels, delicious Hummos, what more can you ask for if you are in the mood for Greek food?  Akropolis has it all.  After eating here, you will leave full, satisfied, and ready to get back to biking.  The best part is, the restaurant is so close to Newport Beach Cruisers that you could potentially start or end your biking journey here with a meal. 


    Sabatino’s Pizza & Sausage Company.  406 32nd St., Newport Beach, CA 92663

    Want to taste food from one of the best Italian restaurants in Orange County?  Go to Sabatino’s, order the Sausage and Pepper Sandwich (or any sandwich or pizza), and be satisfied.  The Sausages are injected with cheese to make them especially delicious. 

    Warning: it is very unlikely that you will get to sit at one of the two tables inside so plan to take your food to go.

     Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw Food Lover, or just not feeling the restaurant scene:

    Stop by Pavilions (our local grocery store) at 3100 W Balboa Blvd, Newport Beach 92663.

    Here you will find a variety of foods for a handmade picnic.  Load up your bike basket with delicious lunch treats and bike north a short way to Huntington Beach where you can find BBQ pits along the shore.  Bring some chairs and your friends and have a regular beach party. 

    A Few Rules: Glass is not allowed on the beach, so if you are drinking or eating out of containers stick to aluminum or plastic.  If you do not clean up your beach area, you will be fined and possibly shunned from the community.  Locals expect that you will carry all the trash off the beach that you bring on to it, so do not be a litterbug. Huntington Beach closes at 10:00 pm, so get there early and enjoy the sun, you are planning lunch after all.  Lastly, the pits do not come with materials to build a fire so you will need to pick that up as well

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    • Mano: February 24, 2013

      I don’t think it’s possible to fail at sfirung as long as you’re having fun. I usually only ride 2 waves each time we go out and I still have a blast! If you’re ever down in Orange County let me know and we’ll go. Even better, take a lesson from HK and learn from someone who knows what they’re doing

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