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    Newport Beach – Inspirational Beauty

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    What do The O.C., Arrested Development, Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, and Cleopatra have in common?  They were each inspired by Newport Beach!  In fact, every one of these shows includes actual footage from Newport Beach itself.  That’s right, ever since 1906 when Newport was established with only 206 citizens, it majestic beaches have been inspiring famous video artists (Cleopatra was filmed in 1917). 

    The cast of The O.C. on Newport Beach.

    It is no wonder then that Newport Beach is many travelers hotspot destination for their event-filled summer vacations. 

    And what is the best activity to do (on land) at Newport Beach?  Why biking of course.  That’s right, I am here to tell you about the magical experience of biking in Newport beach (because great things should be shared). 

    The top 5 most beautiful biking areas in Newport are:

    1.     The Boardwalk:

    This iconic, wide sidewalk on the very edge of the beach is always bustling with people.  If you are a laid back cruiser who wants to feel the cold ocean wind at your face while exercising your people watching skills this is definitely the place for you.


    2.     Back Bay Loop Trail

    Seeking a peaceful bike ride?  Make sure to check out this off the map cruising opportunity.  Along this trail, you will find the Upper Bay Ecological Preserve, which is a nice foot hike if you feel the need to break from biking.   


    3.     Newport Coast and San Joaquin Hills:  Adventure much?  Then you must check out the winding hilly roads that await you at the Newport Coast and San Joaquin Hills.



    4.     Crystal Cove State Park: 

    This trail is for more than just the casual cruiser, with 3.2 miles of beach and 2,4000 acres of undeveloped woodlands, the outdoor adventures may never end.  

    If you have always wanted to see the shores of California, the coast of the country, or the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, consider planning a trip to Newport Beach where the magical sunsets, laid back-expeditions, and beautiful crowd will make it the trip of a lifetime.  

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    • Priyadarshini: November 19, 2012

      >oops, I shouldn’t have lkoeod. Brought back very strong memories for me. You did a BEAUTIFUL job of capturing the whole experience and of the sweet baby. (we only have a few Polaroids and some portrait type of him) I can’t wait to be able to be with our sweet Steven Douglas. I know families are forever and that knowledge gets me through the feelings of sadness in not being able to raise our son on earth.

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